7 Qualities to Look For in a Website Design Company

Nearly 40% of consumers will bounce off your website if it’s poorly designed. A high bounce rate can hurt your search engine rankings. Consumers might not find your business online if your rankings drop.

Another 38.5% of people will judge your business based on how your site appears at first glance, too. 

Don’t let an old, outdated website impact your company’s success. Instead, hire a website design company this year. 

An experienced team can help you create a professional website that will wow customers. Not sure who to hire? Here are seven qualities to look for during your search.

Prioritizing these qualities will help you find the right team for the job. Start searching with these seven tips today!

1. Years of Experience

First, determine how long each website design company has worked in the industry. Consider how many websites they’ve worked on in that time.

Find a team with years of industry experience. Look for a company that’s helped businesses within your industry, too. Their prior experience will help them design a website with your customers in mind.

Make sure the company is up-to-date with the latest website design trends, too.  

2. The Right Services

Consider the services each company offers as well. For example, do they have experience with website design and website development? Can they also host and manage your website?

Web design and search engine optimization go hand in hand.

Make sure each company on your list offers services that align with your goals. 

3. A Strong Reputation

Read customer reviews for each website design agency on your list. Make sure they have a strong reputation.

Their reputation will speak to their ability to meet and exceed your expectations.

4. A Telling Portfolio

You can also make sure the company is able to meet your expectations by reviewing their work. Visit some of the websites they’ve worked on. Consider the website’s overall look and functionality.

If their work doesn’t meet your expectations, remove them from your list. 

5. An Effective Process

Ask each company about their process. They should have a plan in place to work efficiently and effectively. 

They should start by creating a wireframe of your site. Planning your site before they start designing will help them avoid mistakes. 

Nearly 90% of people won’t return to a website after a bad experience. Make sure the company considers user experience website design trends, too. Determine if testing is part of their process as well.

6. Plans to Communicate

Choose a professional website agency that will keep you in the loop. Ask how often you’ll receive updates about their progress.

7. The Right Price

Gather quotes from two or three agencies on your list. Determine what’s included with their pricing.

Don’t choose the cheapest website development agency. Instead, choose a company that will accomplish your goals. 

Wow-Worthy Websites: 7 Qualities to Look for in the Best Website Design Company

Finding the best website design company can benefit your business long term. Prioritize these qualities during your search. Choose a team that can meet your needs and expectations.

With their help, you can turn your website into an effective marketing tool. 

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Phil Tucker

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