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What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that is a type of digital marketing that helps your business be more visible in local search results, like Google Maps. Any business that has a physical location or serves a geographic area can benefit from Local SEO.

Local SEO is all about getting your website to rank higher on search engines for people in the area. This means that you can’t just target one city or county, but rather every person who lives within a certain distance of where you’re located. That’s exactly why some businesses like dentists and grocery stores have been doing so well with local optimization lately!

Businesses are faced with a myriad of decisions, but one stands out as the most crucial. The decision to manage their online presence is likely an expensive and time-consuming undertaking for many organizations; this is where Be Famous Media can help!

How Does Local SEO Work?

Overall, Local SEO is similar to other forms of Organic SEO – but what makes it different is that Google uses a unique set of ranking factors to determine which websites and businesses will show up higher in the search engine results.

Here are some of the top rankings signals that Google uses:

  • The physical location of the person searching also called proximity
  • Name Address Phone (NAP) citations, like those found in local directories
  • Google My Business profile and activities like Reviews & Posts
  • The popularity of Social Media mentions and shares

When your Google search shows “local intent” – Google most likely will show you results in their Map Pack (also known as “the Local Pack”, which is a set of 3 local businesses that shows their location on the Google Map.

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What is the Google 3 Pack?

In an effort to make searches more specific and personalized, Google has created the 3-pack. This solution displays three of your top search results at once in a card format that includes pictures with information like reviews or ratings on their individual cards. The location is even displayed for you so it will be easier than ever before!

In August of 2015, the Google 7-Pack was trimmed down to three, creating the 3-Pack… and in some categories and locals may also include paid advertising. With 46% of all searches in Google are local and 93% of the time the Google Local 3-Pack appears at the top of the search engine results page (SERP) – this means having your businesses GMB listing show up in the top position will significantly increase your visibility.

How we do Local SEO

Our goal is to help your business Be Famous, using a local search strategy that focuses on several local digital marketing tactics to increase your visibility and rankings in the search engines, including:

  • Local Business SEO Keyword Targeting
  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Creating Local Citations
  • On-Page SEO
  • Location-based landing pages
  • Locally Focused Content Marketing

Be Famous Media is a top local SEO company based in Lynchburg VA, that provides well-rounded local search engine optimization services to businesses all over the United States. We believe local SEO is very important to growing your revenue. For this reason, we are ready to serve our clients with top-notch local digital marketing and local search optimization services.

Here is an overview of a guide to local SEO services we provide to get your business to outrank your competitors:

Local SEO Search Audit

Our local search agency conducts a thorough audit of your current ranking in Google, building you an actionable checklist for success. We check to see if there are any errors with the business name and address information on both your website and social media profiles, identifying geographical locations relevant to what we offer as well as areas where we can help improve rankings.

Your Name Address Phone Number (NAP) is also checked by our experts so that it’s accurate across all platforms necessary for us to understand exactly who you are – after all, without this clarity customers will never be able to find or buy from your company! To complete the strategy our team has built around getting more visibility online locally via search engine optimization (SEO), reviews analysis is conducted along with competitor comparisons.

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Local Keyword Research & Strategy

We have the solution for your local business. We can help you get in front of potential customers and targeted audience segments by amplifying your reach with strategic SEO marketing services, including keyword research and analysis to identify geo-specific keywords as well as search intent. With our assistance, we’ll map out these terms so that it’s easy for you to create locally themed content on a website tailored specifically towards the interests at hand without any guesswork involved from now on!

Google My Business Optimization

Our Google My Business experts can help you manage your business profiles on Google, Bing, and Yahoo so that they look the same across all three platforms. We’ll update listings with current company information while also making sure everything is optimized for search engines in order to boost rankings and gain more customers online!

 On-Page Website Optimization

We optimize your homepage and metadata with geo-specific words to make sure that it is easy for people who are looking specifically within a certain area. Our team creates city pages, industry pages, social media signals, and implements best practices on every page of our website to ensure success when people search for the products and/or services you offer.

Selecting the best local search company is certainly a worthy endeavor and has the potential to greatly increase your revenue through increase local visibility. Choose Be Famous Media and let us earn your ongoing partnership every month by helping your business to dominate the local searches.

Turn your website into a Lead Generation machine, while increasing your Revenue without any learning curve.