The Ultimate Guide to Website Design Trends in 2022

Design has a 75% influence on a website’s credibility. Many customers are skeptical about a website with poor design, too. If you’re updating or building a website this year, you need an eye-catching design to help you stand out.

Otherwise, you might miss the chance to impress or attract customers.

Here are seven web design trends you can utilize this year. Adding these website design ideas to your site can help you make an impact.

You can engage, interest, and attract visitors before converting them into leads and sales.

Read on to learn how to design an amazing, eye-catching site with today’s top website design trends.

1. Black and White Color Schemes

If you’re searching for stark, beautiful website design ideas, consider a black and white color scheme. This trend could help jumpstart creativity. Your design team will need to work around color constraints to find new ways to engage your audience.

For example, you might focus more on micro-animations, effects, and interactivity instead.

2. Fun, Optimistic Designs

Have fun while building a website by using creative shapes and colors. Optimistic, fun designs can help your site stand out. They can also leave a positive, enlightening impression on people who visit your site.

Consumers might start to associate your brand with positive, happy emotions as a result. 

3. Bold and Experimental Typography

Go big and bold! Bold fonts can help your content stand out. 

You can experiment with font choices or use colored fill layers with backgrounds and images across your site. 

4. Extraordinary Imagery

About 73% of businesses invest in unique designs. Working with a website design agency that utilizes these web design trends can help you stand out. Meanwhile, you can remain true to your brand to build awareness and recognition. 

Breakaway from the norm by adding extraordinary, engaging images. Blur the line between real and imaginary. 

Have fun when using these website design ideas to create unique, interesting visuals. Visitors will have an easier time remembering your site after they leave. 

5. Layered Effects

Layer multiple page elements as part of your website design plans this year. Layered effects can add depth to your site. It can help draw the user’s eyes to different parts of the page, too. 

6. Scrolling Elements

Your text elements can appear both readable and dynamic. Consider using scrolling attest elements to add emphasis across your site.

These web design trends can spark user interest and encourage engagement. 

When using these website design ideas, focus on each call to action to encourage conversions. 

7. Near-Brutalism

A brutalist website doesn’t focus on aesthetic beauty. Instead, it features raw, reactionary, and bold elements. 

Use serifs that are easy on the eyes while adding ample space between page elements. Almost brutalism uses stark effects without sharp edges. 

Remain Relevant: 7 Eye-Catching Web Design Trends for Success in 2022

Using these web design trends can help your professional website stand out. Partner with an experienced website design team before building a website. We can ensure these trends suit your needs and brand. 

These trends can help your business stand out from the crowd. 

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