Why Be Famous

Meet Phil Tucker

Digital Growth Expert

Phil Tucker founded Be Famous Media in 2012 and desires to help individuals and business owners succeed online. With this goal in mind, he developed the Digital Growth Plan to help businesses increase visibility for local customers searching for the products and services they offer.

Phil Tucker believes that “a rising tide lifts all boats”, meaning small businesses are the engine that drives the economy… when businesses are able to generate more revenue – the profits are then able to increase the financial success of employees, communities, and allows for greater generosity.

Phil Tucker


Client Focused

Using a results-driven process to implement our proprietary marketing strategy in predefined sprints delivers results faster and more reliably. This allows the execution of numerous marketing actives based on the desired goal in a predetermined time period – followed by an “analysis period” where the data collected is used to guide the strategies used in the next sprint.


target buyer

Attract the Right Prospects & Targeted Traffic

Stop wasting money with marketing that is targeting everyone.
lead generation

Convert More High-Quality Leads Through Your Website

Generate leads and revenue from visitors to your website with strategies that deliver results.
lead generation

Get More Customers & Increase Sales and Revenue

The ability to connect with prospects and customers is the best way to build a relationship and make more sales.

We Are Your Marketing Team

We know that many business owners struggle with trying to do everything.

We’re not just marketers. We have a team of strategists who can help you grow your business by understanding what it takes to be successful in the market and then implementing marketing strategies that will boost revenue, increase conversions onsite or off site leads for any industry – all while maintaining authenticity with customers along every step!

What Is Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the most effective way to bring in new customers and retain existing ones. It starts with creating valuable content that caters specifically to your customer or prospect and then offers them experiences they will love. The main purpose of inbound marketing is to create connections by answering questions and solve problems already present within their lives – this ensures long-term success!

The Inbound Methodology was created so you can build lasting bonds between consumers/prospects/customers while still getting the most out of them at each point along any journey they may take together such as generating leads through networking engagements leading up until pipeline generation down the line! You can attract customers by creating content that is valuable to them.

You don’t want your audience mixed with anything they are not interested in, so make sure you’re formulating outbound campaigns based on what will work for people’s needs rather than just bombarding the world with whatever it is the company “thinks” might appeal to!

The three ways we apply these strategies: Attract, Engage, and Delight.

Why We Are Different

We Listen & Care – As a digital marketing agency, we know that the success of your business relies on how well-informed and strategically minded you are. We want to help make this happen for everyone by listening carefully during our meetings with clients (and their teams) before deciding what kind of campaign would be best suited towards achieving goals while not overdoing it or underperforming expectations; all decisions made were done so in consideration only one thing: serving our clients.

We Know SEO – The art of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to getting your site discovered in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Just like an apple does not fall far from its tree – so it doesn’t matter where you rank on a SERP if potential customers won’t find out about what wonderful things are offered at that company through their online presence!

We Deliver ROI – Using our proprietary Digital Marketing Plan to create digital marketing campaigns that consistent produce results that increase website traffic, generate leads, and grow revenue – we make sure to provide easy to understand, fully transparent monthly reporting. Not only do our clients know where they are from the very start, they also are updated every month of the ongoing achievements and improvements being made.

Turn your website into a Lead Generation machine, while increasing your Revenue without any learning curve.